February 5, 2020 Spreadsheets are a common part of business these days. You will have to take a look at one of these spreadsheets someday. There are many features that you might need from the Spreadsheet application, but you may not need all the powerful functions that Microsoft Excel offers.
Microsoft Office, which includes Excel, is not necessary if you aren’t an accountant who needs to crunch numbers on a daily basis. For business use, you will pay $99 per year, $149.99 for a student license, and $6.99 per month for home usage. You don’t necessarily need these features, don’t have the money or want to save some money, there are many alternatives to Microsoft Excel you can find in Cloud. Here are the top free alternatives.
1. Google Sheets
Google Sheets is Google’s Cloud-based version of MicrosoftExcel. This software can do most of the tasks that an Excel user would need. It runs in a web browser and is hosted entirely in Cloud. It can be run on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Google Sheets won’t cause any calculations to be lost because all data is stored in Google Drive. Your data will remain safe even if your computer crashes.
Google Sheets works in real-time just like other programs from Google Office Suite. Multiple users can edit the same document at once with this feature. In the document window, the users can communicate with each other and see what others are doing. They can also see the cursor positions of other users. Some Excel users may not be able to access certain features. Before you migrate, make sure you confirm that the functions you require are available. Google Sheets has scripting as an option. This is a positive thing, even though it is based Java and not Visual Basic for Applications.
2. WPS Office Spreadsheets
WPS OfficeSpreadsheets has many great features that rival Microsoft Excel. It is a paid program and comes with an a fully-featured version. Don’t worry about ads, they only show when you save to PDF, print or use additional features. Advertising lasts approximately 10 seconds. It can also be removed by paying $79.99 per year or $29.99 per year. This is a lot cheaper than Microsoft Office pricing.
This software is 100% compatible to Excel documents. This software can open all formats correctly and support everything contained in them. This means that spreadsheets can be edited by other users and saved from WPS Office. However, others can also open them at any time.
3. Microsoft Office Excel Online
Microsoft also offers a great online version of its popular product.