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Tuesday, 24 November 2015
>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE OF DIRECTION-I..Direction is the most puzzling concept in reasoning studies. Often out of 10, almost 5 questions student attempt wrong, just due to impractical ways they apply. With direction, rotation additionally makes the puzzle harder to crack.North, South, East, West start revolves in your puzzling mind and left with no option except picking any answer which is completely a matter of chance. DO NOT DO IT! As I have simplest & practical ways to solve the Direction- I. NO Trapping! No Difficulty! Just an easy way to get all done in few seconds.Let’s see how….These are names of directions in our schooling we read and known with. However, rotating the directions clockwise and anticlockwise is the biggest question of the time. Do you know anything about it? See here Clockwise Rotation:The direction which usually clock follows i.e. Right to left.
Anticlockwise Rotation: The direction opposite to Clockwise i.e. left to Right
Starting with Puzzles Problem1: From his house, A person went 10kms to the North. Then he turned to his left and walks 5kms. He again turned to left and walks 10 kms. How much distance covered from his house and In which direction is he from his house.Solution:Step1: From his house, A person went 10kms to the North.Step2: Then he turned to his left and walks 5kms.Step3: He again turned to left and walks 10 kms. Applying clockwise rotation, left will come down.Step 4: How much he distance covered and in which direction is he from his house.Right now he is in West of his house and the distance between house and West is 5km.
Problem2: A person walks 4km towards south. Then he turned east and walks 3 km. At what distance he is from starting point?Solution: Step1:A person walks 4 km towards southStep2: He turned east and walks 3 kmStep 3: At what distance he is from starting point?From Starting point i.e. 0 the distance can be calculated by Pythagoras theorem(Find one side of Triangle when other sides given)The formula is H2 = P2 + B2Putting values H2 = 42 + 32 = 25 Hypotenuse= 5KM = Distance from Starting point
Problem3: Neena Moved 7km towards east, then turned to her left and 5km. Then she turned to her left and moved 7km.How far she from starting point?Solution: Step 1: Neena Moved 7km towards eastStep 2: Then turned to her left and 5km, Going clockwise left will go up towards North.Step 3: Then she turned to her left and moved 7km, left will fo left as we ae in clockwise rotationThe distance from starting point and now where he is 5km.
Problem4: Steve Traveled from police-post straight for 400m.He turned left and traveled 500m straight after which he turned left again and travelled for 400m straight. He then turned to right and walked for another 600m straight. How he far from police post?Solution:Step1: Steve walks 10km south of his houseStep2: He turned left and traveled 500m straight.In Clockwise rotation, left will come leftStep3: He turned left again and travelled for 400m straight. According to clockwise rotation, left will come down.Step4:He then turned to right and walked for another 600m straight.Now he is going into theAnti-clockwise rotation, now his right will come left.Step5: How he far from police post?Adding 600 + 500 =1100 m or 11km is the actual distance from Police Post.
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Current Affairs of 1st Nov to 7th Nov 2015
National Unity Day observed:On the 140th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Natioanl Unity Day observed to give solace Tribute. Indian PM, Narender Modi flag off and launched ‘Run for Unity campaign’
Vikalp scheme introduced: Railway minister introduced Vikalp Scheme in NorthernNorthern Railway for six months on the Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu areas with the aim to enable waitlisted passengers to opt for another train going on the same route

National women Boxing Championship: 16th National women Boxing Championship held at Bongaigaon in Assam. State Sports Minister and Irrigation Minister inaugurated the event.

New MD and CEO of Jabong: Online fashion platform Jabong appointed Sanjeev Mohanty as its new CEO and Managing Director.
Punjab signed MoU: Punjab has signed a (MoU) with a consortium of Beta Renewables, Novozymes and CVC India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. for installing a bio-ethanol plant in the state.

Central Board of Excise and Customs appointed new member Bhushan Kumar Bansal appointed as the member of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). He has acquired the rank of Special Secretary after Najib Shah who selected as CBEC Chairman.

2nd Nov 2015
Appointment in Reserve Bank of IndiaDeepak Singhal appointed as Executive Director (ED) in Reserve Bank of India. He will keep eye on departments of Corporate Strategy, Central Security Cell, Budget Department, Human Resource Management Department, Department of Corporate Services, Right to Information Act Division and the last Rajbhasha Department .
World’s healthiest countries: Singapore ranked first in the survey of World’s healthiest countries. Detailed Data released is Life expectancy: 79.9 (5th highest)
Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births): 2.2 (5th lowest)
Health expenditure per capita: $2,426 (22nd highest)
Unemployment rate: 2.8% (13th lowest)

BrahMos missile successfully tested: 49th trial of a supersonic Missile Brahmos was successfully test fired in the Arabian Sea (Western Coast of India). The missile fired from INS Kochi(Indian Navy ship) weighs 7500 tonnes.

Brijmohan Lall Munjal dies at 92: Brijmohan Lall Munjal also famed with ‘Doyen of Indian two wheeler industry’ died. World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer Hero was founded by him in 1956. In his lifetime, he awarded with Padma Bhushan in 2005.
India got 7th position: Recent report says, India is World’s 7th most valued nation brand with an increase of 32 per cent in its brand value. USA again clich├ęd the same first position followed by China, Germany,UK ,Japan and France .

3rd Nov 2015
ICGS Arinjay commissions in Kochi: The fast petrol in Indian Naval Guard, ICGS Arinjay commissioned in Kochi. This 50 metre in length and have speed app. of 33 knots. The commissioned done by Vice Admiral Sunil Lamba, Chief of Southern Naval Command.
Lionel Messi, Brand ambassador of TATA motors: TATA motors choose Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador to encourage football globally.
India and Indonesia signed agreement: India and Indonesia signed agreement on energy and cultural exchange. Vice President Moh. Ansari and his Indonesian counterpart Jusuf Kala both were present in Jakarta and concluded their discussion with the agreement.

Second Commanding Officer of INS Vikramaditya appointed: Captain Krishna Swaminatha take over the charge of Second Commanding Officer of INS Vikramaditya at Karwar.INS Vikramaditya is an Indian Navy’s advanced and formidable aircraft carrier of Kiev class.
Winner of Mexican Grand Prix of Formula 1 In the Mexican Grand Prix of Formula 1, Nico Rosberg of Germany won the game by defeating Lewis Hamilton. In his career, this is the 12th time he got success and 4th time itself in 2015.

4th Nov 2015
Andra Bank appointed new MD and CEO: Suresh Patel appointed as MD and CEO of Andra Bank. In his career, he gave 30 years to the banking sector and about his last post he was the Chief Executive officer in Association of Mutual Funds in India.
13th Asian Shooting Championship: Ace shooter Jitu Rani has won silver medal in the 13th Asian Shooting Championship in Kuwait city. In the finals of the men’s fifty meter pistol event, Korea’s Park Daehun won the gold medal.
Hashim Abdul Halim died in 80: Former Speaker of the West Bengal Assembly Hasim Abdul Halim died in Kolkata. In his lifetime, he served the position of longest-serving Speaker of the State Assembly for 29 years.

Shoaib Malik, Pakistan cricketer declares his retirement: 33 year old Cricketer Shoaib Malik declares his retirement from Test cricket. In his career, he played 35 Test matches, scoring 1,898 runs. He has taken 29 wickets till date.
Emergency declared: Due to internal security issues, Maldives President Yameen Abdul Gayoom has declared a national emergency for 30 days.

Forbes’s list on the most powerful person: Forbes magazine released a list in which Indian PM, Modi placed 9th as the most powerful person. The list crowned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

5th Nov 2015
Imprint India launched Indian PM:Indian PM, Modi launched the ‘Imprint India’ a platform to encourage scientific research within India. This will help to get rid of dependency on foreign countries in various spheres of scientific research. The Project worth Rs 1,000 crore.
FlipKart new appointment: India’s leading online portal declared that Surojit Chatterjee as company’s new Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Experience and Growth. He will hold the duty of all consumer experience across desktop plus mobile.
China’s President visit to Vietnam: China’s President Xijinping is on the visit to Vietnam to fix their conflicts and for discussing how to gain stability and maintaining peace between two countries. His Vietnam Counterpart Troung Tan Sang has actively participated in the meeting.

France invest 2 Billion Euros in India: France has come in front to help India in its Smart city project. Ambassador of France in India, Francois Richie declared the France is going to invest €2 billion in order to make Nagpur, Chandigarh, and Puducherry smart cities.
WHO declaration: According to latest survey by World Health Organisation (WHO), Sierra a country in west Africa declared as ebola-free. This declaration based on Zero ebola case found in last 42 days .

6th Nov 2015
The New Tanzania President sworn:John Magufuli sworn as new President of Tanzania. His party won 58percent of votes in presidential elections.He appointed Samia Suluhu Hassan who is the first ever female vice president in Tanzania’s history.
RBI’s second schedule list: Reserve Bank takes Bandhan Bank in the second schedule list. With this Bank, become entitled to get loans from the central bank at running bank rate. Under ReserveBank of India Act, 1934, Bandhan Bank is scheduled.
Vikram Gokhale awarded: Actor Vikram Gokhle honored with Vishnudas Bhave Award Sangli. On the occasion of Marathi Rangbhumi Din, he was rewarded by actress-singer Faiyaz Shaikh for his great participation in Marathi theatre.

New Canada PM sworn in Canada: Justin Trudeau 43, sworn as new Prime Minister of Canada .He is 23rd Canada’s 23rd prime minister of Canada. After 10 years of conservative rule air of new era of Liberal politics surrounds Canada.
FIFA World Ranking 2015: Belgium topped the FIFA world Ranking 2015 in which Indian champions, Mana Patel from Gujarat and Virdhawal Khade from Maharashtra clinched the title of the best swimmers in 69th senior National Aquatic Championship.

MOU signed between India and Belgium: Indian PM, Narendra Modi gives his approval for signing MoU with Belgium on the issues of cooperation in development of new and renewable energy technologies.

7th Nov 2015
National Cancer Awareness Day observed:Across India, National Cancer Awareness Day observed to outspread the awarness among the citizens. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister announced Nov 7 as national Cancer Awareness Day.
Brahmos successfully test fired: Indian Army successfully tests Fired Brahmos supersonic missile at Pokhran in Rajasthan. The missile builds of 290 km of range with 2.8 speeds.
Harjit Sajjan new Defense Minister: Indo-Canadian Sikh Harjit Sajjan appointed as new Defence Minister of Canada.He is a 30th cabinet member of new Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau.

‘India in Shanghai’ inaugurated in Shanghai: Indian culture program ‘India in Shangai’ for a week has inaugurated. The festival started on 16 Oct and will continue till 16 Nov. The venue of Festive is at the Shanghai Grand Theatre.
Green tax is compulsory to pay for truck driver: Any truck passing from Delhi has to pay Green tax. On the behalf of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) this tax will be collected, and deposited in the account of the Delhi government.

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The Payment System in India
>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “The Payment System in India” PDF…. In Banking, online payment system is a very important concept from the examination point of view. The Payment system in India usually offered by Banks for online money transfer in inter or intra Banks within the country. RBI has given a huge list of Banks which are offering Online money transfer facilities.Before going on the concept of the Online Payment system, understand IFSC.Indian Financial system Code (IFSC)
IFSC is an alphanumeric code that identifies the bank branches. It usually has 11 digits- 1st four represent bank code, 5th reserved as control code and remaining 6 are of branch code. Let’s see how you can transfer funds online…. There are two basic modes of Payment:RTGS: (Real Transfer Gross Settlement System)
RTGS is a funds transfer mechanism for the transfer of money from the one bank to another bank on a the basis of real and gross time transfer. This is one of the quickest mode of money transfer system offered by banking channels working in real time implies transaction don’t take any extra waiting period than given. It is an electronic payment settled on a gross or individual basis without meeting the debits against credits. The payment so afflicted are final and irrevocable settlement in doing in the books of the central bank-the ultimate liquidity depository of the country.
The RTGS system allows transfer of funds across the banks on the nearly instantaneous basis. Each participant bank will be required to open a dedicate stellem, into account or putting through its RTGS transactions. Not only does it allow the transfer if funds, it also reduces the credit risk. Both the customer and banks can transfer money the same day in various cycles, compared with the other negotiable instruments that takes one or two days of clearance.
The RTGS system is meant for large transactions of 2 lacs and above. There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions. In RTGS, RBI acts as the settlement agent between the banks. The whole transfer and systemic risk are minimized because of RTGS. Credit is to be available within 2 hours.
RBI settlement Timings:
For transactions, The RTGS service is available from 9.00 hours to 16.30 hours on working days (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday, there are 9.00 hours to 14:00 hours available. Although RBI timings are fixed, but the timings of banks and its branch may vary relying on the scheduled timings of the bank.
NEFT : (National Electronic Fund Transfer)
NEFT is introduced by RBI often called ‘The Reserve Bank of India National Electronic Funds Transfer system’ another name of the ‘NEFT system’. The transaction under the system may be made for amounts inclusive of a paisa component when there is no upper value limit for putting through an individual NEFT transaction.
The system facilities an efficient, secure, economical, reliable and expeditious system of funds transfer and clearing in the banking sector. The NEFT system also relieves the stress on the existing paper based funds transfer and clearing system. The remitting branch prepares a structured financial messaging solution (SFMS) message and send it to its services center for NEFT. In the clearing center, the RBI usually classifies the transactions based on banks and get ready with the list of final credit or debits in order to hand over to the participating banks.
NEFT is a nationally used payment system that aid every person, business firm and corporate bodies to transfer funds electronically from any bank branch to any person, business firm and corporate bodies possess an account with any other branch within the country. In NEFT, there is no minimum and maximum limit is mentioned for a transaction.
RBI settlement Timings:
For NEFT, there are twelve settlements available from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and left six settlements from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.
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